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FlightView EFIS

FlightView is our innovative Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS). It is made up of:

  • FlightView iOS App - EFIS display application. Available from Apple's App Store*
  • FlightBox Pro EXP - Flight Data Computer: GPS, AHRS, ADS-B In, System Hub
  • FlightBox ADC - Air Data Computer: Altitude, Airspeed, Outside Air Temp
  • FlightBox EMS - Engine Monitor

Optional Mounting and Control Hardware

  • FlightDock - iPad panel mount with active cooling
  • FlightBar - Tactile controls (knobs / buttons) for FlightView

Optional Integration Components

  • FlightLink COM - COM radio integration cable
  • FlightLink XPDR - Transponder integration cable
  • FlightLink AP - Autopilot integration cable
  • FlightLink ALT - Altitude integration cable (for transponders / ADS-B Out)
  • FlightLink ELT - GPS output for 406 MHz ELTs
  • FlightLink EIS - Integrates GRT engine monitor data into the FlightView system
  • FlightLink RDAC - Integrates MGL engine monitor data into the FlightView system
  • FlightLink SV - Integrates Dynon serial data into FlightView

 Optional Bundles

  • Trig Transponder / ADS-B Bundle for FlightView
  • Trig COM Radio / Intercom Bundle for FlightView