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FlightView EFIS Core Hardware Kit: Flight Data Computer (FDC) v3 and Engine Monitor

  • $ 2,995



The FlightView Core hardware kit includes:

  • Falken FDC v3 (Flight Data Computer)
  • Falken EMS (Engine Monitor)
  • WAAS GPS receiver
  • OAT probe
  • License for FlightView App

 What's FlightView?

FlightView is the simple yet powerful new EFIS from Falken Avionics. FlightView provides a full suite of flight and engine instruments, navigation tools, and advanced situational awareness functions. Built from a combination of aviation grade hardware and custom software, FlightView makes VFR flight safer, easier, and more affordable than ever.

See the FlightView page for complete details.

What's In The Kit?

The kit includes all three of the major hardware components needed for a FlightView system:

The Flight Data Computer (FDC). The core of the system, the flight data computer provides attitude (AHRS), air data (altitude, airspeed, OAT, true airspeed, density altitude), location (GPS), and ADS-B In (weather and traffic). It also serves as the hub, relaying data from other components to the FlightView display.

The Engine Monitoring System (EMS). The engine monitor connects to standard aircraft engine probes (not included).

The kit also includes a WAAS GPS receiver, and an OAT probe.

What's not in The Kit?

An iPad
You will need one (or more) iPads. iPads must be recent models released in the past four years running iOS 15 or later.
iPad Mount
We recommend a mount with active cooling. Our FlightDock panel mount is recommended for those who want to install directly on their panel. The standard version will work with any full-sized iPad and our FlightDock mini all versions of the iPad mini.
Touch screens are great in clear air, but can be hard to use in the bumps. FlightBar adds a set of knobs and buttons that allow you to control your FlightView display in turbulent conditions.
Installation hardware
Specifically, you'll need to provide screws, nuts, nut plates, and other basic aircraft-grade hardware to mount the box. You will also need circuit breakers, wire, and possibly other basic electrical hardware.
Engine Probes
The FlightView EMS uses standard aviation probes available from various vendors including Aircraft Spruce. We will work with beta participants to select an appropriate set of probes for your aircraft. Probes typically run between $400 and $800 depending on the type of engine and features required.

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