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NMEA Serial Output RS-232 Interface

NMEA Serial Output RS-232 Interface

  • $ 3000


Output GPS data to your autopilot, fuel computer, ELT, or any other avionics product that can digest NMEA data over RS-232 (for experimental aircraft only). In basic mode this cable sends location, ground speed, ground track and altitude information. In NAV mode it can also send bearing and distance to waypoint and cross-track error information.

Supports baud rates from 9600 - 115200. 


  • USB to RS-232 adapter (bare wire)

Note: You may need additional components to connect this cable with your display system. DB-9, DB-15, DB-25 and similar connectors are available from multiple vendors. Please see here for some components.

The typical installation only requires two wires - Tx and ground. The Tx wire on the cable connects with an Rx pin on the receiving device. Ground connects to a ground pin on the receiving device. See this page for details on the installation process.

NOTE: Due to the size of the USB connector it is not possible to directly connect this adapter to a USB port on the FlightBox. We highly recommend using our inexpensive four-port USB hub to connect this adapter and the remote USB GPS to your FlightBox.

NOTE: You cannot use the Internal GPS and the USB-to-RS232 adapter together. If your application requires a GPS you will need to use the Remote USB GPS.

From the lawyers: 

Please be aware that connections to required, installed systems in a certificated aircraft generally require either an STC or a field approval. In some rare cases approval may be available from the manufacturer of the aircraft or certified system. Do not connect FlightBox to a certified system in a certificated aircraft without appropriate approval. Doing so will invalidate the airworthiness of your aircraft.

Open Flight Solutions cannot provide support for custom wiring and is not responsible for any damage that may occur from interconnecting FlightBox with other avionics systems.

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