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Single Display iPad Charger + Hardwired Data Kit

  • $ 150


Connect one iPad to FlightView via hardwired Ethernet connections with this single-display charge and data kit.

Components include:

  • 1x Belkin USB-C to Ethernet data adapter
  • 1x Dual Port 30 watt (60 watt total) USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger
  • 1x USB-C High Capacity Charge / Data Cable - 3' / 1 m
  • 1x Ethernet cable - 3' / 1 m
  • 1x 90° USB-C adapter

The 60 watt USB-C charger can charge and run up to two iPads simultaneously. It mounts permanently to a sub-panel or other secondary structure.

NOTE: This kit is for use with USB-C iPads. It is not compatible with older iPads that use the Lightning charge + data interface.

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