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ADS-B Splitter / Filter Kit

  • $ 50


The Splitter / Filter is used to connect a FlightView FDC or FlightBox Pro to a standard belly-mount L-band transponder antenna (either "ball-and-stick" or "blade" format). The splitter splits the signal from the antenna and filters the two ADS-B frequencies (1090 and 978) to SMA jacks which connect to the inputs on the FDC or FlightBox.

This kit includes:

  • 1x 1090 MHz + 978 MHz splitter / filter
  • 1x BNC female to SMA male adapter
  • 2x SMA male to SMA male pigtail cables - 3" / 7.62cm

The installer will need to provide a standard coax cable with male BNC ends to connect the antenna to the input on the splitter/filter.

The kit ships with a length of heat shrink tubing to cover the splitter / filter circuit board. Be sure to note which of the output jacks is 1090 MHz and which is 978 MHz before shrinking the tube.

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